A New Earth

The new earth

Development towards a sustainable and complaisant society

The current crisis is changing us. More and more people begin to think seriously about what really is important in life, what kind of world they really want to live in. They become aware of the disadvantages of increasing profit margins and how human society and the economy should be structured, to get us truly satisfied and happy.

The “noble” value of our old paradigm was to produce, consume and then discard as much as possible – in order to keep the wheels of machinery turning. Now that we are forced to take a break from all the hustle and bustle, an opportunity has opened up for more meaningful pursuits.

We should use this time to evaluate and improve our relationship with family, friends and fellow human beings, as well asour environment. Encounter them with more warmth and love. We can connect more closely with our family members or pay more attention to our neighbors and friends by engaging in dialogue with them.

But how do we build a world that is worth to live in? For a moment let‘s imagine the media and politics without destructive competition and private interests. Nature in its evolutionary proces places on us the requirement to improve the quality of our interpersonal relationships. We will have to meet it in one way or another. If we do not understand the laws of nature and continue to act against them, we will receive setbacks, that will force us to turn back. This is clearly shown and revealed to us by the crisis, that is becoming larger and more complex.

The environment is not separate from us, on the contrary, we are a part of it and the human body is lent by the Earth only for our lifetime. If we poison the air we breathe, the water (of which we are composed about 70%) and the earth (from which we are feed a 100%), we harm ourselves and our children at equal measure.

A fundamentally new world is a world in which people learn to relate to their environment and to each other the same way as they relate to themselves. At this point, of course, we keep hoping that humans fundamentally relate to themselves in a positive and gracious way.

When genuine connection becomes our highest good to strive for, we will feel that there is a force in nature that affects reality in the same way. We have always been looking for it in our lives. Many people called it “God,” “universe,” “nature,” and had no idea where this force actually was or what it is.

Now we can discover that it is a force of connection and love, the source of life. It is not found in heaven or in our imagination. Instead, it arises in the new positive relationships we will build, in our improved attitudes toward each other and toward our foundation of life: the Earth!

It would be best to take this step forward together, all of us – the whole of humanity as one. We should not look back and never revive the old world that set us against each other and divides us. Discord and a destructive egoism can be replaced by wisdom, true love and real peace (contentment). So let’s use the crises to create a different reality through a new, complaisant and holistic thinking and acting – individually as well as for all of humanity and the earth, our mother and our home.

I wish us all the strength and courage to master this challenging shift together.

Be the change you wish for this world!

Best regards

Thomas and the New Earth Network

Communities of Hope

Communities of Hope

Ein Film des GEN (Global Ecovillage Network) Europe über verschiedene Gemeinschaften und Menschen, die eine regenerative Lebenskultur pflegen. Es geht um neue (alte) Lebensformen in Frieden und Einklang mit der Erde auf der wir leben.


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