The New Earth – Who We are

Transformation – Germ Cells of the New Earth

LebensGut Cobstädt

Where we live

In 2004 the socio-ecological community project “Lebensgut Cobstaedt” was founded by some young people from Erfurt. It sees itself as a small network of friends, projects, residential and living communities. In four homesteads, on about 12 hectare of land, and in a an agricultural enterprise cooperative and communal working , life and economy is practised.

Ark of diversity

Network of self-supply!

On the grounds of the association, people of the region find a show garten for crop diversity and biodiversity. The “Ark of Diversity” as well as cultural and spiritual events, seminars, festivals, art and culture can unfold and find room for development here.
Thus a small paradise emerges in which the resources and the knowledge for the next
generations are being preserved.


The main focus is on natural holistic farming.

  • trend-setting agro-ecological and cultivation system
  • tree nursery with fruit variety gene pool
  • vegetable rarities & seed bank
  • herb and medicinal plant cultivation
  • beekeeping
  • animal husbandry: chickens, sheep, geese

A new earth …

…is plantable.

Slogan of our movement


Through projects like “Living in Sustainable Villages” and “Region of Diversity” cooperation with the villagers, neighbouring communities, offices and schools is developing intensively.

Region of diversity

Shaping the future
Region with model character

A visit at our place will be a short time travel into the next decade and make you want to go
forward joyfully. We implement innovative housing and living models e.g. tiny houses, and
sustainable technologies e.g. self-sufficient energy concepts, directly on site.

Likewise we not only promote the local mobility, but also provide for consciousness and educational work.

We plant various rare tree species, including over 1000 old varieties of fruit that we plan to use for future generations.

Furthermore we develop a network that promotes local added value and regional economic cycles together with the people of the region.

We promote an awareness of change and maintain diversity through tree planting campaigns, where especially trees can be planted for and with our children.

Our vision of a new earth

A “new” earth can be planted!
We are convinced that all living beings can exist in peace with each other.
We want to actively work for the preservation of our homeland, the environment – and for a future worth living.

We show this in projects with a wide range of approaches – above all tree planting campaigns and seminars, excursions, workshops, fields, nurseries and more.

We would like to work in a culture of unity and for each other, as well as living in close contact with nature. Acting in solidarity and in a way that is suitable for our grandchildren,
with respect for all life. So that future generations will find good conditions for their unfolding.

“Be the change, that you wish for this world”


We are actively committed at working together for self-determined sovereignty and access to all the basic resources of a peaceful togetherness.

Tree sponsoring

You can sponsor a tree in the “region of diversity” or in the show garden “Ark of Diversity”
of Lebensgut Cobstädt.

We plant various rare tree species, including over 1000 old varieties of fruit that we plan to use for future generations.

Here you can become a tree sponsor:


You would like to make a contribution to help shape a future that is worth living?
We offer a colourful variety of opportunities to join in.
Get in touch with us!


Our charitable association is financed by projects and donations from friends and supporters.

Bank details for donations:
IBAN EN60 8205 2020
0300 0805 57

We thank you very much for your donation to our association.

Sponsoring Membership

With a regular donation you become part of this movement.
Even with small contributions we can achieve a lot together!
Further information on the sponsoring membership you will find on our website

“We did not inherit the earth from our parents
but only lent them from our children.”

Indian wisdom


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