Germ Cells of the New Earth – Evolution and Transformation of Humanity

The Philippine sociologist, environmental activist and winner of the alternative Nobel Prize, Nicanor Perlas (70), when asked in the nineties how he sees the future of humanity, said: “I am pessimistic about this century, but very optimistic about the coming one.”

The coming century the man was talking about is now! His optimism was inspired by a biological transformation process from the animal kingdom, a process that Perlas believes has now taken hold of global civil society. He named the example of a caterpillar body that pupates. Cells that science calls ‘imago cells’, form in the pupated body. Imago cells are butterfly cells that develop in the caterpillar body and implant the future there. Of course, they are attacked and destroyed by the caterpillar’s immune system as foreign bodies.

But since the caterpillar body is in growing disintegration, the second generation of imago cells already has an easier way with it.

But even they are still attacked by the old system, but now the invaders know how to infect the caterpillar’s immune cells in such a way, that it produces imago cells itself.

At some point, the previously isolated imago cells join together in clusters and become ‘islands of the future’. Then they begin to network and connect through cellular roads. At the same time, the caterpillar body destabilizes. Eventually, there comes a moment when the network sends the message to ‚the islands of the future‘ that they are no longer a caterpillar.

From that moment on, things move rapidly. It is only a matter of time before a wild cluster of cells grows into a butterfly, that finds a completely different reality and has other levels of expression available.

Isn’t that beautiful, isn’t that conceivable? With this knowledge and hope we wish an inspiring new decade, health, courage and confidence for all of us!

Let’s stay truthfull! (to that which we know) – mein, Agnes‘ Vorschlag).


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